Children’s health in the digital age

Today, psychologists are unanimous in the opinion that digital technology has a huge impact on the child. Whether we like it or not, modern technologies completely violate our usual ideas about the world around us.

While parents argue about how mobile devices affect the social, emotional and physical spheres of children, children themselves can no longer imagine their life without these devices. Psychologists, in turn, are thinking about how to use this influence of mobile devices for child development.

Most researchers agree that there are advantages and disadvantages to using smartphones by children, and at the same time, they argue about how digital technologies can change the lives of future generations. Despite this, scientists identify several ways to preserve the physical and mental health of children in the digital age. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Limit the time your child uses a cell phone

Children's health in the digital age

When parents manage their child’s mobile phone time, they help them find healthier activities for themselves. This is how children achieve a balance between the use of technology and real relationships with people.

Encourage physical activity

Excessive time that a child spends in front of a computer or smartphone screen leads to lack of physical activity, excess weight and other negative consequences. Encourage your child to devote more time to physical activities.

Pay attention to your child’s mental health

Psychologists see a link between the popularity of social media and mobile technology and the growing rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide attempts. Parents who are aware of the symptoms of mental illness and childhood trauma can help their child more quickly when needed.

Teach your child to cope with stress

The biggest problems come not from digital technologies themselves, but from the fact that they put a lot of pressure on children and greatly accelerate the pace of their lives. The use of social networks leads to the fact that children are always available for communication with peers and compare themselves with others. When parents teach their child meditation techniques and other ways to reduce stress, they can improve their mental health and overall well-being.

Encourage your child to communicate more with friends

It is easy to think that social media enhances the child’s communication and friendships with peers. However, a sense of loneliness is growing among children and adolescents today. Parents should involve their children in mass activities that will provide the child with interaction with peers.

Explore Online Health Resources

Children's health in the digital age

There is a wealth of information available on the Internet today about a child’s physical and mental health. Using them, you can investigate the symptoms of anxiety or depression in your child and learn how to prevent these disorders.

Use smartphone apps

There are smartphone apps that can help parents and children maintain a healthy lifestyle. Children can exchange these applications with each other, complicate tasks for themselves, etc.

Establish rules for the child before bedtime

Research is finding more and more evidence that using cell phones in the bedroom will shorten their sleep time. However, sleep is essential for children. Set rules for the whole family: for example, leave cell phones in a specific area outside the bedroom.

Tell your child how to distract from the cell phone and stay safe.

When a person uses a cell phone, it distracts his attention from other things. For example, if a teenager is distracted by the phone while driving, it will significantly increase the risk of an accident. Children need to understand that their health and safety is more important than talking on the phone.

How to strengthen the child’s immunity with folk remedies: proven tips and recipes

On the eve of cold weather, an urgent question for many parents is how to strengthen the child’s immunity with folk remedies so as not to resort to expensive medications and at the same time ensure the safety of the baby. In fact, this is a really important problem, since immunity is responsible for susceptibility to all diseases, not just influenza and SARS. With a reduced immune defense, it is more difficult for a child to resist even the simplest bacterial and fungal infections, not to mention more complex diseases that can cause various disorders and complications in the body.

Depletion of immunity in children is, perhaps, a common problem for many parents. Someone blames bad ecology and a high level of stress for this, for others the source of reduced immunity is a lack of understanding of the principles of proper baby nutrition, non-compliance with sleep and rest, while others find justification in previous illnesses.

How to strengthen the child's immunity with folk remedies: proven tips and recipes

Indeed, the reasons for the decrease in the body’s immune defenses can be different. Here the immaturity of the immunity itself in children also affects, since it “matures” not in a year or two, but “learns” to recognize dangers and give a proper response to them throughout life. It is not surprising that the beginning of attending kindergarten or school is often accompanied by colds in young children, and this has even become a kind of norm.

In conditions when the baby has a decrease in immunity, the main thing that parents need to do is not to give up and not let the situation take its course. On the contrary, in this case, it is recommended to mobilize as much as possible and try to find affordable, effective and simple means that strengthen the immunity of children of any age.
How to strengthen a child’s immunity after illness
The need to support children’s immunity often arises after the baby has had the flu or ARVI. To prevent re-infection, parents should provide additional care for the child’s immunity. In this case, some doctors recommend an affordable and simple drug that is suitable even for newborns and children in the first months of life – Derinat drops. They not only help restore immunity, but are also able to fight directly against viruses. In addition, Derinat drops strengthen the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, improving its barrier properties, thereby helping to prevent the penetration of pathogens into the child’s body and avoid infection. Read more about the drug on our website.

How to strengthen the child's immunity with folk remedies: proven tips and recipes

In addition to Derinat drops, you can use a variety of herbal decoctions. This is a good and inexpensive option for how to strengthen the immunity of children with folk remedies. You can use the following recipes:

Tea made from St. John’s wort, chamomile, immortelle and birch buds. All components must be taken in equal proportions, filled with boiling water in a thermos and left overnight. Strain the ready-made composition and give the child half a glass once a day half an hour before meals.
Lingonberry tea. It is prepared on the basis of lingonberry leaves with the addition of dried berries. Drink freshly brewed throughout the day.
Rowan tea. It is prepared on the basis of dried rowan berries, raspberries and currant leaves (ratio 1: 1: 3). All ingredients must be poured with boiling water and insisted for about 10 minutes, add sugar or honey and drink in small portions throughout the day.

Denis Slinkin

Fasting Blood Sugar

It’s important that your body has enough fuel, especially with your routine. Insufficient energy for fuel sends stress signals to your body, which tend to raise glucose levels, says Denis doctor. The next question is how intense your training is – if it’s very intense, adrenaline is released and that will raise glucose levels.

An interesting experiment would be to check before and after a mild, moderate and intensive workout to see if it’s the intensity that causes the level to rise, says Dr. Slinkin.

Another experiment would be to play with your breakfast FBS in advance, first making sure you’re eating breakfast and then perhaps changing what you’re eating to include more or less healthy carbohydrates and protein. It’s hard to understand what causes them because there are so many factors to consider – diet, sleep, stress, exercise, along with your individual metabolic state. If you are really struggling, I would recommend that you meet with a diabetes teacher or doctor that you trust to discuss your particular situation. 

FBS Denis Slinkin

They may suggest changing your medication or time. But in short, maintaining a healthy weight, regular physical activity and a balanced low-carbon diet are some of the best habits in life to take these levels under control and prevent/slacken the progression of diabetes.
What if the number of hungry people is higher than the night before?

Again, I would suggest discussing your specific situation with a trusted professional. That depends on how higher they are than the night before… and how high they were at night. For example, FBS if there were 250 (13.8) in the morning and 170 (9.4) the night before, then you should consider both of these numbers because they are both higher than normal.
On the other hand, if they are within reach of the night before but elevated in the morning, there are various options to study, most of which have already been mentioned above. But then again, it will always depend on many factors – if you wake up with 140s (7,8s), it is much different from waking up with 350s (19s).

The best advice is to focus on making the right lifestyle changes (see above and on our blog!) and seek medical help from the rest of us, says Slinkin.