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Breast Cancer Symptoms

What are the symotoms of breast cancer?

Brest cancers are potentially life-threatening malignant tumors that develop in one or both breast. There are sections in a woman's breast which is mostly made of fatty and fibrous connective tissues. They are further divided into lobes and lobes into lobules. These lobules contain small milk-producing glands. Milk is carried though these small ducts through the breast and collects in a chamber located below the nipple. Most cancers begin in the ducts, some in the lobules and the rest in other tissues.

Breast cancer in the early stages does not cause any pain thus there may not be many apparent breast cancer symptoms in the early stages. But as the cancer grows, they show certain traits which could be treated as potential breast cancer symptoms.

Some tumors may be visible on a mammogram before the first sign of symptoms appears. It is important for all women to be familiar with the appearance, feeling, shape, and texture of their breast in order to detect changes as soon as they occur.

  • When the results of the mammogram show some abnormal area or a lump. Most breast cancer is discovered before symptoms are present, either by finding an abnormality on mammography or feeling a breast lump. These changes can often be due to less serious problems. The precise reason behind these breast cancer symptoms should be carefully analysed, taking into consideration the family history and her personal medical history.
  • You may also notice a persistent lump under your arm or above your collarbone. Other possible symptoms are breast discharge, nipple inversion, or changes in the skin of the breast. Most breast lumps are not cancerous. All breast lumps, however, need to be examined by a doctor.
  • Breast disscharge is rarely a breast cancer symptom. A factor of worry would be when the discharge is from only one of the two breasts or when there is blood oozing out of the breasts.
  • Nipple inversion that is a new development can be a cause for concern. Otherwise, it is a common variant of normal nipples.
  • Other breast cancer symptoms include change in the skin overlying the breast, for instance redness, change in texture, and puckering. Note that these conditions are usually caused by skin ailments but can also be considered as breast cancer symptoms.

A woman should see her doctor if she notices any of these changes. Most often, they are not cancer, but only a doctor can tell for sure.

breast cancer symptoms : breast anatomy

Summary of breast cancer symptoms

  • Any new lumps (many women normally have lumpy breasts) or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm area
  • A portion of the skin on the breast or underarm swells and has an unusual appearance.
  • The breast nipple becomes inverted, develops a rash, changes in skin texture, or has a discharge other than breast milk.
  • A discharge from the nipple, nipple tenderness, persistent sore, or physical changes such as the nipple inversion.
  • A change in the color or feel of the skin of the breast, areola, or nipple (dimpled, puckered, or scaly).
  • Veins on the skin surface become more prominent on one breast.
  • Ridges, pitting, warmth, redness, or swelling of the breasts with a rash resembling the skin of an orange
  • Pain in the breast
  • A depression in an area of the breast surface.

Breast cancer can be treated with breast cancer chemotherapy.

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