Groups of contraceptives for women

Pharmacological market currently offers a wide range of drugs for contraception. All of them are divided into the following groups:

Combined oral contraceptives for example – has hormones similar to the action of estrogen, these are progestogen and ethinyl estradiol. They distinguish preparations of biphasic, triphasic and monophasic.

Mini-pills. They contain only progestagen. The principle of action is a local influence on the peripheral zones of the reproductive organs. As a consequence of taking these drugs, a change in the biochemical and morphological indicators of the endometrium is noted, so the development of the fetus does not occur. In most women, the process of ovulation is suppressed. Effective representatives: Microlute, Lactinet, Exluton, Charosette.

OCs are divided into 3 groups based on the content of the active ingredient in the pills:

Monophasic – have low levels of hormones in the composition. Therefore, they are recommended for use by young girls who have not given birth before. And persons who have encountered birth control for the first time, such drugs will be the most suitable.

Biphasic – prescribed to young and middle-aged women, especially relevant in the postpartum period. Such pills should be taken by those who have a discharge on the background of taking microdose contraceptives. These drugs have anti-androgenic action, so have a positive effect on the skin and prevent unwanted hair growth. They include: Regulon, Marvelon, Silhouette.

Three-phase pills are characterized by a high content of female hormones. They are prescribed for some gynecological diseases and to restore the hormonal background. Representatives: Triquilar, Ovidon, Triseston.

How to choose the right birth control pills
In no case, it is not recommended to choose and start a course of taking birth control pills on your own. This should only be done by a doctor.

A specialist, before appointing a method of contraception collects the patient’s medical history, takes into account the presence of any diseases in the present or future and pays attention to the individual characteristics of the body.

The next step is a full examination of the woman, the doctor evaluates the constitution, body weight, skin condition and blood pressure. In addition, he prescribes instrumental and laboratory tests, especially important is an ultrasound, mammography.

Also, when choosing contraceptives, it is obligatory to take into account:

Breasts, its shape and structure.

Type of hairiness on the genitals.


The state of health of the skin and hair.

Features of the course of periods.

The presence of chronic diseases.