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Symptoms Of Liver Cancer

What are the symptoms of liver cancer?

A very early cancer will have little or no symptoms. It will have little or no symptoms because it is too small to cause any. As the cancer enlarges, it will have symptoms. Not all of these liver cancer symptoms are present in all people, and for many people, no recognizable liver cancer symptoms are present until the final stages of the disease. If you believe that you are experiencing liver cancer symptoms, it is important that you visit a doctor. Only a doctor can accurately determine if your liver cancer symptoms are the result of cancer. Liver cancer symptoms (hepatocellular carcinoma) most commonly develop in people who have underlying liver disease.

Following are the potential liver cancer symptoms :

  • In patients with liver cancer symptoms, common complaints are weight loss, abdominal pain, abdominal fullness, ascites, and jaundice. In a small minority of patients, blood may develop in the abdominal cavity (hemoperitoneum).
  • Pain in the right upper abdominal area caused by stretching of the liver's capsule, which is rich in nerves. The liver may then extend below the righ costal margin and be painful on probing.
  • If liver cancer metastasizes(which it very rarely does), it most commonly metastasizes to the lungs. In these patients symptoms such as shortness of breath and cough may develop.
  • If the abdomen swells, it may be due the liver failing to produce the protein required to hold the blood's fluid in the blood vessels. The fluid has no choice but to migrate out to fill the abdomen, scrotum and limbs.
  • Weight Loss and loss of appetite. This may be due to the disruption of the general working of the liver.
  • Breast swelling in men is a symptom of liver cancer. This may be a result of the failure of the liver breaking down estrogen. Red palms are also a liver cancer symptom.
  • The skin may develop bruises and there may be intestinal bleeding due to inefficiency in blood clotting. The liver cannot utilize the Vitamin K needed for production of prothrombin, needed to form blood clots.
  • Increased ammonia in the body can cause fatigue and sometimes even coma.
  • Indirect liver cancer symptoms include elevated blood calcium, low blood sugar, anemias, precocious puberty in children, intense flushing, and other metabolicdisturbances. These syndromes often will be alleviated with cancer shrinkage.
  • Jaundice along with itchy skin (pruritis). Stools may become loose and smelly. This may be due to the poor breakdown of fats in the digestive tract.
  • If the cancer spreads liver cancer symptoms may include bone pain, neurological symptoms from brain involvement, and intestinal blockage.

Although in many cases, these possible liver cancer symptoms can be attributed to other ailments, it is important to see your doctor. They can help you determine if your liver cancer symptoms are the result of liver cancer.

liver cancer symptoms : digestive system

Summary of liver cancer symptoms :

  • Pain in the right upper abdominal area. Pain is caused by stretching of the liver's capsule.
  • Weight loss
  • Lack of an appetite.
  • Stomach pain that will not go away
  • Breast swelling in males
  • Blood clotting problems leading to intestinal bleeding and bruises on the skin.
  • Jaundice
  • Fatigue, fever
  • Other symptoms may include a hard lump just below the rib cage on the right side of the body, fatigue, fever, or weakness.

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