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Nasal Cancer Symptoms : Nose Cancer Symptoms

What are the symptoms of nasal cancer?

Cancers of the nose may develop either in the skin covering the nose or in the lining of the nose itself or in the passage way at the back of the nose, called the nasopharynx, which joins the nose to the throat. It generally starts on the surface of of the nasal cavity (the “mucosa”) and gradually penetrates deeper. Normally, nose cancers are more common in men than in women. An early cancer will have little or no symptoms and likely to go undetected. Nasal cancer symptoms appear in the local area and eventually in distant areas as it spreads. early nasal cancer symptoms may often be ignored as sinus infections. Some of the symptoms of nose cancer may be as follows.

  • Early nasal cavity cancer can produce symptoms that are very similar to less serious nasal diseases such as swelling of the sinuses, headache, chronic infections, and/or blurred vision. Nevertheless, it is important not to neglect these potential nasal cancer symptoms, particularly if you have been exposed to agents known to increase risk.
  • The main symptoms of a cancer of the nose or nasopharynx are a blockage or congestion in the nose, often with nose bleeds or a lump in the neck. Deafness and weakness of one or more of the muscles in the face, tongue or throat (which is caused by damage from the tumour to a group of nerves called the cranial nerves) may also develop with nasopharyngeal cancers. Other symptoms include nasal discharge, smell loss, and sinus congestion.
  • Breathing problems, frequent headaches, a lump in the nose or neck, pain or ringing in the ear, speech difficulty, or trouble hearing. Swallowing and eating may be mechanically obstructed as the cancer grows down into the throat.
  • If lymph nodes get affected, there may be swelling in the neck or face. Neck lymph nodes can also swell up from non-cancerous conditions such as infection, so swelling alone does not prove cancer.
  • Blockage of the nose on one side, particularly if it is producing pus, a lump in the neck that has been there for more than three weeks, weakness in any of the muscles of the face, tongue or throat which could be caused by damage to one of the cranial nerves.
  • Local pain is possible as the tumor enlarges, especially if it invades nerves. The nose shares nerves with the ear, mouth and throat, so some deep nasal cancers cause pain in these areas ('referred pain') Interestingly, the further back in the nose the cancer, the deeper in the ear the pain appears.
  • Nerve Problems in the eyes, face and neck occur as the cancer invades into the cavernous sinus or into lymph glands that press against the nerves exiting the base of the skull
  • In advanced stages, nasal cancer causes anemia, infection, malnutrition, dehydration and general debility.

These symptoms can have other causes apart from cancer but the important thing is that if you develop any of these problems you should see your GP who can discuss them with you and, if they think it is necessary, arrange an appointment with a specialist to be on the safe side.

nasal cancer symptoms : nasal cavity

Summary of nasal cancer symptoms :

  • Nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, smell loss, and sinus congestion.
  • Bleeding.
  • Frequent headaches, difficulty in breathing.
  • Lump in the nose or neck.
  • Pain or ringing in the ear, speech difficulty, or trouble hearing.
  • Obstruction while swallowing and eating.
  • Local pain in areas around the ear, mouth and throat.
  • Swelling in the neck or face, usually firm and painless.
  • Nerve Problems in the eyes, face and neck.
  • Double vision, deviation of the eyes, weakness of the muscles of the face, difficulty turning the head, or lifting a shoulder.

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